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Нүүр хуудас ---- үйлчлэгчтэй

Манай үйлчилгээний санаа ДИЗАЙН, чанар гаргах, 24HOURS SUPPORT юм. Хуримтлагдсан туршлага, мэргэжлийн ажилтан, өндөр үр ашигтай, суурь ба бидний бүрэн хоолны үйлчилгээний баталгаа юм.


We can design the bags according to the customer's requirement and usage environment as well as some particular purposes.


Чанарын стандарт - бидний байнга хуримтлуулсан туршлага, улам бүр хөгжиж бүтээмж дээр үндэслэн бид ASTM, ISO, зэрэг НҮБ-ын зэрэг бараг бүх чанарын стандарт уут үйлдвэрлэх болно

Quality Control System — We have a complete quality control system to assure our products satisfy your requirement. This system follows and controls the whole course of production, discovers possible errors and solves any of the problems in time. It ensures that every link in the production chain is compliant with the demand of finished bags.

Quality Test and inspection — We manufacture bags and control the quality in accordance with the customer-required standard. Our reliable professional personnel would test the product every day at every key link of the production process and test the finished bags to satisfy your demand. Furthermore, all of our bags can apply for tests in professional labs in America, Europe and Australia at your request.


We would keep live chat all day, will promptly reply to any of your inquiries.

Our Sales Department promise to reply within 24 hours even to the most complicated question.

Our Production Department will efficiently solve any possible technical question in production and supply bags to your satisfaction in good time.   

Our Operation Department will give detailed advice of shipped goods within 24 hours and will promptly settle suitable solutions to related transport questions.

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